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PS. This is a fan-tumblr, not the actual Kat Dennings.

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khidak1 asked
Kat Dennings is my favorite actress on Two Broke Girls. She's funny and sexy and she deserves a chance to host Saturday Night Live. I think she'd be more awesome and hilarious than anything she's done in her career. Yet, I don't understand why SNL keeps overlooking her as a possible guest host, for someone they feel is more talented or funnier than her. Do you still think she has a chance to host SNL in April or May, or are we looking at next season as perhaps her best chance?

I can’t claim to know what the people at SNL are thinking, but hopefully they’ll get around to Kat eventually!

getlostinbliss asked
The post of Kat Dennings and Ryan Reynolds, where's that frommmm? :O

It’s just a manip, sorry!